Data Analysis in Hospital assures quality care, effective medications, and safety for patients and providers. Digisol solutions are used throughout Hospitals, many systems are sealed and inspect labels, mobile computers maintain processes and inventory, and handheld scanners provide positive identification for patients and their prescriptions.

Digisol Solutions are helping protect patients and staff at healthcare facilities worldwide

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We provide affordable POS solutions, service and products, with complete in-house warranty repair and technical support, while delivering the best customer experience possible

Barcode Printer

In all of these applications, the motivation to begin barcoding is the same: improve data management and accessibility and reduce costs. In the 1970s and 1980s, the increased use of computers in commercial and industrial companies fueled the need for improved data capture. Companies hired armies of data entry professionals tasked with entering repetitive information into network terminals. In the 1990s, this need for immediate and accurate reporting was compounded with the introduction of just-in-time inventory tracking, build-to-order manufacturing and supply chain management practices. Today, many manual data entry tasks have been replaced by barcoding.

Barcode Scanner

 Scanner products with outstanding performance and unyielding reliability, Tethered or cordless, Laser linear or area imaging technology, With standard, rugged or antimicrobial enclosure, Patented green spot good read indication.

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